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While reliving shared experiences of traveling to China and shelling beans with my grandmother, I was inspired to create this unique design.   Resembling a cross between freshly-shelled garden beans and the ubiquitous yin/yang symbol, this Ambrosia Maple base was commissioned from and expertly fabricated by Mr. Bobby Williams of Williams Family Mill.  The rounded edges highlight the curves and hand-formed weaving of two graduated widths of cane on flat reed.  Floridian pine needles were added at the interior and exterior rims to accentuate the russet, gray and brown tones in the wood and the triple rim of pine needles, smoked round reed and cane is lashed with decorative stitches.  Finished with light shellac.  

Ambrosia Maple of North America is prized for its distinctive grain caused by the Ambrosia beetle burrowing in and leaving a fungus.  While this creates beautiful tones of gray, russet and brown, it does not harm the integrity of the wood.  No two are ever alike.  


3.25 x 11.5 x 6


  • Original, one of a kind.  Only.