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Hand-formed and woven with four graduated widths of cane, a doubled twill gracefully accentuates the curved body and finishes in a highlighted, scalloped pattern on open staves.  An Ambrosia Maple pedestal base, expertly fabricated by Mr. Bobby Williams, Williams Family Mill, twins with a highlighted curve.  This original culiminates in a doubled rim with a cane-wrapped bumper guard and decorative stitching, finished with shellac.  

Ambrosia Maple from North America is prized for its satiny ribbons and multi-colored grain caused by the Ambrosia beetle burrowing in and leaving a fungus.  While this produces beautiful patterns in gray, brown and russet, it does not harm the wood's integrity.  No two are ever alike. 


7.75 x 10 x 10


  • Original, one of a kind.  Only.

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