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After experiencing a memorable journey through South Africa, Botswana and KwaZulu-Natal, and being captivated by the beautiful cabinetry I saw, I was excited to design a classic piece with Zebra wood.  

Mr. Bobby Williams of Williams Family Mill was collaborated with and commissioned to fabricate this striking base with a doubled pedestal rise and elongated curves to highlight and enhance the wood's striped grain.  His craftmanship exceeded my expectations.  I wove an openwork diamond pattern with four graduated widths of cane on closely aligned, shaved staves culminating in a triple rim of smoked round reed.  Hand-sewn with artificial sinew, this classic rim highlights the Zebra's beautiful, dark striping.  Finished with light shellac.

Zebra wood is known for its striped grain in dark brown to black.  It is sought after for its tonal qualities for guitars and widely used throughout the world for fine cabinetry, carvings and sunglasses.

4.5 x 11.75 x 11.75


  • Original, one of a kind, only.