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I knew the minute I saw the shimmery ribbon grain in this custom made Ambrosia Maple base that it would be the inspiration for a beautiful woven sculpture.  Mr. Bobby Williams, Williams Family Mill, skillfully crafted this base to ensure the ribbon effect is apparent at every angle, inside and out.  Hand-formed and woven with five graduated widths of cane, hand-dyed Hamburg cane and round reed, the Japanese diamond weave at the neck inspired me to divide the roundness into quarters and highlight them with wheat stitching and bamboo elements from my farm.  A unique rim is essential for every original piece.  Eastern Ambrosia features a triple rim and decorative stitching;  finished with light shellac.

Ambrosia Maple from North America is prized for its distinctive grain which is caused by the Ambrosia beetle burrowing in and leaving behind a fungus.  While this creates beautiful shades of gray, russet and brown, it does not harm the integrity of the wood.  No two are ever alike.  

Eastern Ambrosia was featured by the Smithsonian Craft Show, 2021.  


5.25 x 12 x 12


  • Original, one of a kind.  Only.

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