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Everything about this hand-formed original just says "fancy"!  Created upon a custom-designed base of Ambrosia Maple, collaborated with and expertly fabricated by Mr. Bobby Williams, Williams Family Mill, this was woven with two graduated widths of cane with black cane and hand-dyed round reed accents.  The black bow tie motif is offset by open staves. The rim features a bumper guard and is delicately lashed with split doubled blanket and whip stitches.  Finished with a light shellac.

The Ambrosia Maple base is a stepped pedestal design with wide, rounded curves to showcase the wood's grain and the closely aligned staves.  Ambrosia Maple of North America is known for its satiny ribbons and multi-colored grain caused by the Ambrosia beetle burrowing in and leaving a fungus. While this produces beautiful gray, russet and brown tones, it does not harm the integrity of the wood. No two are ever alike. This one of a kind can be displayed flat or angled on a stand to great advantage.


4.75 x 7.25 x 11.5


  • Original, one of a kind, only.

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