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I am absolutely thrilled by the sight of Canary wood.  Mr. Bobby Williams, Williams Family Mill, expertly crafted this custom Canary wood base with a gradual, rounded off pedestal that beautifully highlights the many colors in the grain.  I wove the floral motif with two graduated widths of cane on closely aligned, shaved staves and finished with a double rim of round reed and cane with a distinctive "candle" stitch, hence the name. I hope it will brighten your days as it brightened mine during its creation.  This original oval can be displayed in so many ways to great advantage.  Finished with light shellac.  Canary wood from South America is known for its multi-colored grain and cream stripe running down the outside of the tree. It is strikingly beautiful and a pleasure to work.

3 x 6.25 x 17



  • Original, one of a kind, only.

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